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Air Duct Cleaning

Having clean and quality air in your air ducts at home or place of business is desirable. Ducts are responsible for the circulation and flow of clean air within a property. Air ducts gather dirt and dust over time. If the ductwork is not cleaned and maintained properly, you risk poor indoor air quality, which can lead to varying health problems. Other airborne pollutants can also build up inside ductwork which can lead to bacteria and mold growth. Not only that, if your home or business experiences a fire, additional dirt, dust, soot, and smoke particles will absorb into the property's ductwork. If not treated quickly or properly, you run the risk of these contaminants being pushed through the HVAC systems, which becomes the air you breathe. However, here at MDC, we can effectively clean you air ducts to insure that the air you are breathing is clean.


What is an Air Duct?

  • Heating

  • Ventilation

  • Air Conditioning 


Air ducts, or HVAC systems, are responsible for the airflow within a property. They make sure that the air is at a comfortable temperature as well as safe. Air travels from a central unit and is distributed throughout a property through these air ducts. These ducts are all connected in a subway-like system, meaning that even if small amounts of contaminated particles exist, they can filter into the overall airflow, which can effect many people.


When Do I Need Cleaning Services?

  • If there are any signs of insects or rodents present in ducts.

  • If mold growth is present in any part of your HVAC system.

  • If there is visible build-up of debris, dirt, or dust within the ducts/vents.

  • If the building has experienced a fire.

  • If the building has experienced a flood.

  • If there has been construction or renovations made to the property which has caused excessive dirt or dust in the air.


MDC's Purification Process

The air purification process should always be handled by a qualified professional to ensure that your HVAC systems are cleaned properly and held to a professional standard.

Here at MDC, we assess, estimate, and manage any HVAC service you may need. These include fire, mold, smoke, natural disaster clean up, water, and any virus that may be present. We determine if your HVAC system has been affected in any way, create a complete HVAC remediation scope, while adhering to all national standards. We create a customized cleaning plan for your property, and utilize advanced technology and effective purification techniques.

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