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Water Removal Services

Water leakage, in any capacity, on a property can be incredibly destructive. Over time, in an indoor environment, excess moisture can cause many different issues. Without the proper water extraction, decontamination and drying, you run the risk of long-lasting structural damage to your property, as well as exposing yourself to potential health risks. Any type of water intrusion should be taken seriously. 

When it comes to cleaning and restoring any water damage, exact data and information is extremely important. Our professionals use moisture meters that carefully measure moisture content. We also can measure the extent of water damage. From there, our specialists formulate a plan to dry the affected area. We document and monitor the drying process daily to insure drying standards are met. The use of our professional water drying equipment plays a huge role in the water extraction and drying process. Dehumidification removes moisture from the air and prevents secondary water damage from condensation.

  • Eliminating the Source 

    • The first step of the water removal process is to find the main source of leakage and make certain it has completely stopped.

  • Identifying the Damage

    • We will asses the property and make note of what kind of damage has occurred, where the damage is located, and extensiveness of that damage.

  • Water Removal 

    • Once the damage has been assessed, water extraction can begin. Water extraction is used to remove any standing water and evaporation is used to remove any excess moisture that may remain.

  • The Drying Process

    • Once the water has been extracted, drying must be started as quickly as possible. Both the structure and materials must be completely dried out.


Dehumidifiers and Water Drying Equipment

MDC's Water Damage Restoration Steps:

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