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Environmental Services

MDC's Environmental Services team is professionally trained to meet any of your needs. Whether it is decontamination of a facility, or a crime scene clean up, asbestos, lead removal, mold abatement, or hazardous waste removal, we are confident our experienced team can get the job done swiftly and safely.


Disinfecting Services 

MDC offers cleaning and disinfecting services for many different types of contamination situations in buildings and facilities. These contaminations my be caused by:

  • COVID-19

  • Crime Scenes

  • Fires

  • Hazmat Accidents

  • Mold

  • Other Infectious Diseases

  • Storms

  • Water​


Biohazard Clean Up

Our Biohazard Services include:

  • Accidental Injury Cleanup

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Cleaning

  • Crime Scene Cleaning

  • Suicide Clean Up


Each service request must be safely evaluated and individually assessed.


Our Team

Our cleaning and surface decontamination services are extremely effective and safe. We use wiping methods, as well as small portable sprayers with a professional-grade solution that can kill 99.99% of pathogens. This also includes any bacteria, fungi or virus.

These services help:

  • Reduce Risk of Infection or Illness

  • Reduce Risk of Spreading Contamination

  • Reduce Downtime in Productivity.

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